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LSWO La Familia Speakers

LSWO Seattle Conference Speakers 2022.  

(A limited number of speakers have submitted their presentation slides.

These will be available under their name)

AnaMaria Orozco, LCSW

Yale School of Medicine

Cesar Abarca, PhD

Cal Poly Humboldt

Social Work

Elena Delavega, PhD, MSW

University of Memphis 

Speakers Notes


  • The Workshops will take place in 4 rooms in Alder Hall, and 1 or 2 rooms in the School of Social Work.

  • All the Workshop Rooms are tech ready with computer, LCD projector, and screen. 

  • The school states just bring your USB and attach to the computer. 

  • The LSWO always recommends bringing your laptop, just in case, you have to connect to the system. 

  • Speakers who submitted their PowerPoints, you can direct attendees to your name on this page, and your handouts will be available.

  • Volunteers will be available to direct you to your rooms.

Hector Chaidez Ruacho, LCSW 

Child Study Center

Yale School of Medicine

Olivia Sevilla, EdD, LCSW Azusa Pacific University SSW

(PDF Slides)

Jessica Trejos, MSSW

New York City Department of Education


Luis R. Alvarez-Hernandez, PhD, LCSW

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

(Professor will provide handouts at his workshop)

Deisy Haid, DSW, LCSW

Dean of Social Work and Sociology, Walla Walla University

(PDF Slides)

Milagros Marrero-Johnson, MSW, University of Connecticut SSW

PDF Slides


Susie Ortega, LCSW

Nurture Therapy, Clinical Director


Adriana Gonzalez Sandrolini


GoSo Consulting

Jaqi Baldwin, LCSW, MBA
Executive Director/Principal
Siembra Leadership High School.

Mayra L. Reyes, LCSW-S, CLY

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Levonna Davis, LMSW

Doctoral cand. at University of Memphis

Charles Edward Lewis, Jr., Ph.D.

Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy 

Yessenia Hernandez, MSW

Dominican University SSW


Michael Talamantes, MSSW, LCSW

Clinical Professor

University of Denver Graduate Social Work

Yesenia Cisneros Chavez, MSW

Alameda County Children

and Family Services

(PDF Slides)

Adrian L. Delgado, LCSW, CEAP, CADC

Latino Social Workers Organization

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