Seattle Conference Program information will be posted in June 2022.

Please arrive between 8am and 8:15am on your first day of attending the conference. 

  •  Bring your masks

  • Bring your water bottles, there are water stations on campus, available to fill.

  • We will have the program online, so please review when you arrive or download a copy before you attend.

  • We will provide the agenda's for each day of the conference with room numbers in your folder and promotional bag. 

  • Licensed professionals will receive a CE Document from the University of Washington SSW.

  • Volunteers will be available to initial each program you attend. CE documents need to be given to our registration desk on your last day of the conference.

Bring your Masks and your water bottles to the Conference. Water Stations in the University.

Fashion with Mask
Self Care Available
Eyes Closed

We will have a Self Care Room for all attendees who need a time out, and need a social worker to speak with. The Pandemic has impacted all of us. If you need to speak with someone, seek out a volunteer, and they will direct you to the room.