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About Us

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The Latino Social Workers Organization is based in Chicago, Illinois.  The organization has provided continuing education, student mentorship to professionals and students for over 20 years.  Social workers from throughout from the United States, Canada, and Mexico have attended our conferences.  We have tried to provide a balance of micro/mezzo/macro keynotes, panels, and workshops at our conferences.  We would like to acknowledge the support of the Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services Department of the University of Illinois-Chicago. 

In 2016, the LSWO decided to go nationwide with social work continuing education. Dr. Vincent Guilamo Ramos of New York University School of Social Work challenged the LSWO to provide essential continuing education throughout the United States. This has been share by many faculty, students, and professionals.

The organization's goal for 2021 to 2023 is to provide 10 programs nationwide.  Why? The Pandemic has really impacted the continuing education for social workers throughout the nation. We appreciate all the faculty and social workers for providing webinars and online education for many social workers during the Pandemic. Our network of social workers, students, and faculty  have enthusiastically shared with the LSWO, its time to have in-person conferences. 

The LSWO La Familia Conferences brings together Latinx faculty, Latinx social work professionals, students and allied health professionals. Compared to other professional social work organizations, our fees are quite reasonable in comparison to other organizations. 

So, we invite you all social workers, faculty, students, and allied health professionals to consider our Call for Proposals. Our Call for proposals link is on the Home page of this website.

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